Wednesday, June 8, 2011

24 hours to go

Tomorrows the day!
We had our last class this morning, mainly just talking about last minute details and more fancy picture lingo. We got out pretty early and I spent the rest of the afternoon running around town on errands for the trip. I think my mom is just as stressed as I am which isn't helping the calmness level in the house right now! Since I'll be gone for oh 15 days I decided dinner needs to be something i definitely cannot get in Italy or Greece. So i'm thinkin Mexican or Chinese food. But first things first I really need to actually put my clothes into my suitcase! what. a. struggle. I really would prefer not to fall into my usual ritual of an all nighter to pack the night before a trip! 
The New Zealand/Fiji trip left today, I am so excited to see the pictures they come home with! I can't even imagine going from someplace so cold like New Zealand to hot and tropical like Fiji. Regardless, it sounds amazing.
I promise these posts will get more interesting once I am actually IN italy and greece...

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