Saturday, June 18, 2011

needin a rest

I slept SO well, this is the most comfortable bed i've had this whole trip. and we had AC!!! so exciting.
Dinner was at 8- had yogurt and honey duh. Greek yogurt is SO much better in Greece than Houston Texas... shocker.
After breakfast we had an hour to upload pictures from the previous day and get our stuff sorted out. We left the hotel around noon for our first museum-National Archeological Museum of Athens. Although the ancient statues are interesting we were so tired

Steph and Holly were so excited they fell asleep
All this... excitement... made us hungry, so we stopped at a sidewalk cafe for lunch. Another chicken gyro for me
After getting some energy we hit up yet another museum.. yyaaayyyy
I usually don't mind museums but we were all just so tired it was difficult to stay interested..
BUT, something that was interesting was the changing of the guards at Parliament. It is SO different than the US. The outfits are.. interesting and the routine is veeery interesting...

oh hey, you scare me
Thankfully, after this we went back to the hotel and had 2 hours to do whatever we wanted or needed to do. It was suggested to work for an hour and then rest for an hour but right when I laid down on my bed i passed out- such a nice nap.
6:30 we met back in the lobby and headed out on the townnnn for some shopping. We had dinner at an outdoor cafe and celebrated Caroline's birthday.
callie dena steph me holly 

steph me holly 

We decided to make a scavenger hunt/game to video people saying happy birthday Caroline in as many different languages as we could find.. so we did that after dinner for a good hour.(along with some more shopping)
Walked home and packed to leave for Nafplio tomorrow! hallelujah.

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