Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"if we miss the ferry can we stay here another day?" HYDRA

I am getting SO tired of having bread and jam for breakfast. (Yes mom I have been drinking coffee and no it is not stunting my growth!) Unfortunately the yogurt and honey at this hotel isn't exactly appetizing so i've been a religious carb loaded every morning. After my 2 pieces of bread-not toast, bread- we loaded a private bus for a 1.5 hour drive to board the 20 minute ferry to get to the Greek island of Hydra. We tried to sleep on the bus but the road was so windy we couldn't stay asleep, much less in our chairs. The ferry ride went by really fast and it was so exciting to pull up to Hydra because that is exactly what I expected of Greece. The beautiful clear blue water, the white houses, occasional blue shutters, and no cars just donkeys!

The excitement started right when I stepped onto Hydra. Demeris was about to take a picture of Holly, Claire and I with our cute hats on and of course the wind blew mine off straight into the water! After much contemplation we got a small boat worker to get it out with a pole and hook. Here's me and my hero!
We had a couple of hours to do our last assignment, portraits. I love portraits but I hate asking random people if I can take their picture, especially when they barely speak English! Luckily, the friendliest girl in the world CLAIRE HOGAN was in my group and asked for me every time. praise the lawd for her!
my favorite portrait of the day

We finished early and had some time sit by the water before lunch. We ate at a really nice outdoor breezy restaurant and then headed for the beach! Laying out was AMAZING. The breeze on the coast of this island rocks. No one was sweating and it was like being in heaven. We literally laid there for probably 3 hours. Some people jumped off a little platform into the water but Holly and I couldn't get up... to comfortable!
holly me rachel and erin

Our ferry came to pick us up at 6:20 and this ride was a lot rougher than the morning ride. Everyone felt sooo sea sick and the 1.5 hour windy road bus ride back to Nafplio made it so much worse. Callie held a bag to her mouth the whole time which was kind of funny- only because nothing ever came out! And a good thing too, it probably would have been the domino effect from hell since we all felt somewhat queazy and couldn't have tolerated the smell. Sorry thats a little gross and graphic?
We arrived in Nafplio and went straight to dinner. We didn't realize how hungry we were until literally everyone finished their dinners!(which is a first) David was so proud. 
We walked back to the hotel and took MUCH needed showers. Working on blogs and picture sorting was just as miserable as always because we had to do it in the no AC lobby... yum. The guests who just arrived today we're also smoking in the lobby, so that made it so much better!... not. Holly and I retired early, couldn't handle the heat and smoke combo. Tomorrows our last day :( but I think I may be ready to head home. The bright side about the last day is breakfast isn't till 9AM!!! Hallelujah for sleeping in.

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