Saturday, June 11, 2011

"i think everyone here smokes"

Waking up was so so hard.. gotta love that jet lag! Thankfully breakfast wasn't till 9. We ate in the little dining room of our hostel and the owner/ waiter/ chef is too sweet. He happily served all 18 of us, made individual expressos, and wouldn't let us help him clean up.
After a short National Geographic video and some sample pictures we headed out to conquer Florence. The entire morning we split into groups and had a scavenger hunt around the Duomo which was so fun cause the list had pics and videos on it... 'acting out a street performance' was very interesting haha. My cousin Jenalee is living in Florence as part of a Baylor University study abroad program for 7 weeks and I got to see her today! What a coincidence were both here at the same time
We ate a pasta lunch at Pizzaria Nuti - the tortalini benisimo! and so were the nutella waffles that were served for dessert. We definitely needed that carbo load to make it all the way to the statue of David museum. David sure is a whole lot bigger in real life! The museum was filled with lots of interesting sculptures and paintings. After concentrating on photography this change of art pace was nice. After that inspiration we headed out and challenged ourselves to take 3 different category pictures: leading lines, rule of thirds, and framing. Looking for specific shots turned out to be a lot more challenging than I expected.
This is one of my rule of thirds shots.
We walked quite a ways to get to our Italiano cooking class. we had SO much fun. Isabella and Marchela were our chefs and taught us how to make spinach ravioli, baked vegetables, a chicken dish and tiramisu -ALL from scratch! a REAL Italian meal.
We had a long walk home but it was nice to see the nighttime movement and the city lights
We had a quick group meeting making sure we downloaded our photos correctly and made folders to categorize the type of shot and our "hotshots" for the day. 
My first impression of this city so far is exceptional. I love everything about it

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