Friday, June 17, 2011

athens schmathens...

I am not impressed with the capitol of Greece.
After our 3 hour bus ride from Delphi we finally arrived in Athens. The streets seem even crazier than in Italy! Didn't think that one was possible... 
Unloading the bus right on a busy street was a very interesting experience, the police were NOT happy we were blocking traffic and getting yelled at in greek is even scarier than in English! 
The one thing I do like about Athens is our hotel. It actually seems like a real hotel! (the others were more of a bread and breakfast homey feel) 
We put our suitcases up and loaded up to go out. We weren't allowed to bring backpacks because thats too obvious... even though we all have these huge cameras hanging around our necks! 
Lunch was good- ate at a small sidewalk cafe. I had a chicken yuro (just like a chicken pita from smoothie island) 
We had some time to walk around and take pictures or shop if we wanted to. 
my UT girls! steph and claire

sidewalk cafe

The group met back up in the hotel and headed out for Acropolis. Its was an uphill hike to get there! But the view was definitely worth it. 

There was stray dogs EVERYWHERE and they were all huge. They looked like small wolves running around. 
On the way back down we had some time to shop in some of the street markets. I saw a really cute leather backpack-I might have to go back tomorrow and get.
We couldn't eat till 8 because we had reservations and it was definitely worth the wait. There was live music and Greek dancers! It was so much fun to watch this culture in action-we even got up and joined them! (struggle...) 
Walking home was cool getting to see the nightlife. So exhausted

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