Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ciao italia, yasoo GREECE!

2 hours of sleep is NOT enough to be functional! At 4:30 AM we boarded the bus and headed for the airport. Unfortunately Massimo stayed in Italy so we had to say our goodbyes. Another unfortunate thing would be our 2.5 hour bus ride from hell… Naturally, we were all laying down attempting to sleep but couldn’t seem to stay on the seats due to our drivers start and stopping of the vehicle. Very very interesting. Checking in was also a struggle because the airline changed weight limits of ALL bags you take on the plane including carry ons. Eventually we worked it out (using the word "national geographic" while describing our group has its perks...)
The flight was a quick 2 hours, not bad at all! We landed and boarded yet another private bus for a 3 hour ride. This bus was huge and had a DVD player in it so we watched the Lizzie McGuire movie haha elementary school flash back! Greece is much more mountainous than I thought- such a nice surprise! Arriving at our hotel was also a nice surprise, exactly what I was expecting for a greek hotel! It's actually a lot nicer than the ones in Italy. We relaxed for a bit then went out to dinner. The restaurant was right on the cliff and the walls were completely windows. the view was once again amazing. I had some delicious chicken souvlaki (i've been craving chicken) and split baklava with claire! yum. We watched the lunar eclipse from the top of our hotel and went to bed. Breakfast isn't till 9. YESSSS!!
one of our leaders David on his balcony

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  1. MADDIE I MISS YOU PLEASE BRING ME BACK SOMETHING COOL!!! and when i mean something i mean a hot greek man. or hummus. I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WATCHED THE LIZZIE MCGUIRE MOVIE WHILE IN ITALY thats so legit nbd lizzie

    ps. this is mia you should've known that though