Friday, June 10, 2011

Longest day of my life

This is what we had to endure to make it to Florance, a fiasco!
8 hour 40 minute plane ride to Paris (Steph and my personal TV screens wouldn't work, awesome.)
6 hour lay over (we all slept on the floor of the airport)
2 hour 30 minute plane ride to Rome
30 minute tram from air port to train station
2 hour train ride to Florence

Sitting next to Stephanie was the most entertainment I had on that first flight. After buying a pig neck pillow and taking a melatonin pill she was O.U.T. so funny. 

Trying to communicate at the France Airport was somewhat of a struggle-especially when trying to pay for chocolate croissants with american money! The workers got a kick out of our broken French and hand gestures. Getting absolutely no sleep on that first flight made me so tired during the layover I slept on the FLOOR of the airport, well so did everyone else. It was more comfortable than our plane seats! After making it to Rome we got to meet our two leaders, Carolyn and David. They are both really fun and I am so excited to get to know them more. Carolyn actually lives here in Italy so she has lots of knowledge to offer! She is also fluent in Italian and I love hearing her speak the beautiful language. The train station was definitely a culture shock for most of us from all the interesting clothes, to all the dogs, to a bathroom you could only use after you paid a fee! We finally arriving in Florence we met our National Geographic Expert, Mossimo! He also lives in Italy thankfully showing us the quickest way to a gellato store! yum. Now we are showering (much needed) and relaxing in a quaint hostel.I can not wait to lay down in a real bed and get some sleep! 
It's been a long day, or was it 2?

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