Thursday, June 16, 2011


I absolutely love Greece. First off we got to sleep in this morning and didn’t have breakfast until 9! Our hotel had Greek yogurt with fresh honey – so delicious. I’m definitely having that again tomorrow!
me and steph at breakfast

After breakfast we got to explore the town of Delphi and take some pictures, but we ended up getting sucked into the shops for most of the time. It was interesting to hear American music in every single store.

We met back at the hotel so we could upload all of our pictures so far to the National Geographic hard drive. That took longer than expected so we were all starting to get pretty hungry. We split up for lunch and got to go in groups to wherever we wanted to eat. It’s so much faster that way and fun to be on our own. Also, since we are on the side of a mountain every restaurant has an awesome porch room with the most amazing views! I had bean soup and a Greek salad (naturally).
We met back at the hotel and headed up the road to the Archeological museum of Delphi. The inside tour was very informal and interesting- lots of statues of Greek gods and cool stories to go with them. This was fun but the part outside was my favorite.
Some of the ancient ruins are still here and we got to walk around in them! It’s pretty cool that much has survived until now- even though some of it has been rebuilt. It was mainly temples(the oracle of Delphi), stands where statues once stood, a stadium, theatre, and a track for the “games” of course.

Once again we ate dinner at a mountain side open air restaurant and had more time to walk around.
Today is Abby’s birthday! We had a toga party (with white sheet togas and all) on the roof of our hotel with a delicious chocolate cake.

 We also got to see all of the pictures and videos entered from the scavenger hunt at the beginning of the trip- so hilarious. MY TEAM WAS THE OVER-ALL WINNERS! WUSSSUP.
We were watching all of these using a projector and a pinned up white sheet. After this, watching Mamma Mia seemed like a necessity so we watched it up there on the roof! It was so fun actually being in Greece and watching this movie. It made me very excited for Naphlio which is our final destination!(a coastal town)
Athens tomorrow!

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