Sunday, June 19, 2011

where's the beach?

This morning we woke up and finished up packing our suitcases. After breakfast in the hotel we loaded up the bus for a 3 hr drive to Nafplio. These morning bus rides are always so quiet- everyone falls asleep, including me! Hotel Nafplio appeared sooner than we wanted it to so we groggily unloaded our stuff and set up in our rooms.
We all met in the lobby and chose our recent top 3 pictures to be critiqued and had time to work on our blogs and projects. I like this town much more than Athens, it's much more of a relaxed vacation spot rather than a stressful business district. We walked down the pier to a restaurant for lunch and we were all anxiously scanning the horizon for the beach! Unfortunately its about a 10 minute walk so it wasn't in view but we could see the water! After lunch we had 2 hours to walk around and explore the town. We met back at Hotel Nafplio and put all of the pictures we have so far on the National Geographic hard drive. We got to split up for dinner and choose where we wanted to eat. Holly, Erin, Claire and myself went to a small alley cafĂ© right next to a church that was having a wedding. A true “big fat Greek wedding!” We watched the couple run out through rice and get in their car, so cute. The rest of our dinner money went towards ice cream-unfortunately not the same as Italian gelato but it will suffice. The group met back and took night shots of the water and lit up town.

We heard that there was going to be some sort of religious Muslim ceremony so we went to watch. It was very interesting; they spun in circles for a really long time making me dizzy just watching. Even though this was kind of weird it was a great opportunity to work on shots of movement.

The group all sat around David’s computer in the lobby when we got back and had a critique session. Then, we watched the videos the 2 groups took last night for Caroline’s birthday – hilarious.
Tomorrow we’re hiking up 999 (not kidding…) stairs to get to an old castle on a mountain next to our hotel. Need some sleep for that! 

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